2021 Idaho alpine species of greatest conservation need survey: includes vertebrates and whitebark pine

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Regan, Tempe


Idaho Department of Fish and Game (2021)

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alpine survey, American pika, American Pipit, Anthus rubescens, bighorn sheep, black rosy-finch, Falco mexicanus, hoary marmot, Leucosticte atrata, Marmota caligata, Marmota flaviventris, mountain goat, Ochotona princeps, Oreamnos americanus, Ovis canadensis, Pinus albicaulis, Prairie Falcon, whitebark pine, yellow-bellied marmot


Idaho Alpine Species of Greatest Conservation Need Survey for the 2021 field season. Target species is the black-rosey finch, but observation records cover a wide array of species. Additional observations include American pika (Ochotona princeps), hoary marmot (Marmota caligata), yellow-bellied marmot (Marmota flaviventris), mountain goat (Oreamnos americanus), bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis), American pipit (Anthus rubescens), prairie falcon (Falco mexicanus), and whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis). Invertebrate records are pending identification and will be described in a separate bibliography record and data import.


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