Middle Snake River aquatic macroinvertebrate and ESA snail survey (with supplemental analyses)

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L. D. Cazier


Idaho Power Company (1997)

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aquatic snails, ESA. threatened species, invertebrates, macroinvertebrates, snails, Snake River


This report summarizes the ongoing findings of a three-year study assessing threatened and endangered (T&E) molluscs (T&E snails) living within the Snake River in Idaho. The research took place from April 1995 through December 1996. Five specific species studied were the Taylorconcha serpenticola (Bliss Rapids snail), Pyrgulopsis idahoensis (Idaho springsnail), Valvata utahensis (Utah valvata), Physa natracina (Snake River physa), and an undescribed Lanx sp. (Banbury limpet). Researchers completed life history studies on these established mullosc colonies. In addition, river benthic macroinvertebrate and habitat data were assessed, as was the water quality. All samples were obtained in compliance with section 10 Permit #PRT-799558, pursuant to consultation with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.


Shelf Note: Electonic Files - Zoology: INVERTEBRATES

ESA 1996 Final Report