Survey results from surveys for specific species and nests, 2018 field season, Boise District BLM [Excel spreadsheet]

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Bureau of Land Management, Boise District BLM (2019)

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Black-throated Sparrow, Brewer's Sparrow, Burrowing Owl, Columbia Spotted Frog, dusky flycatcher, Golden Eagle, Gray Flycatcher, Great Horned Owl, Greater Sage-Grouse, Green-tailed Towhee, house wren, Lark Sparrow, Loggerhead Shrike, Long-billed Curlew, Long-eared Owl, mountain bluebird, Mountain Chickadee, Norther Harrier, Northern Goshawk, osprey, Piute Ground Squirrel, Prairie Falcon, pronghorn, pygmy rabbit, Ring-necked Duck, Rock Wren, Rough-legged Hawk, Ruddy Duck, Sage Thrasher, Short-eared Owl, Side-blotched Lizard, Sierran Treefrog, Snow Goose, Spotted Towhee, Vesper Sparrow, warbling vireo, Western Kingbird, western meadowlark, Western Toad, yellow warbler, yellow-breasted chat


This data spreadsheet provides details for 519 vertebrate observations resulting from projects on BLM land, Boise District BLM. Projects included BOSH, Bruneau Fuel Breaks, Trout Springs, Paradigm, Soda Fuel Breaks, and Tristate. Observations of many bird species, several amphibian species, a ground squirrel, and pygmy rabbit, among others (at least 74 identified species total), are included from project work conducted in 2018. Of the 519 observation records, 502 contain enough information to be entered to the Species Diversity Database.


Electronic File - Zoology: Multiple Species