IDFG wildlife mortality app [mobile data collection application and database]

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BGMR, Check Station, Idaho, mobile data collection, mortality, roadkill, wildlife


The IDFG Wildlife Mortality App streamlines offline, mobile data collection in the field. It aims to reduce tedious paperwork and entry errors resulting from manually copying stacks of paper forms. Collect and store reports offline on an iOS or Android device and sync with IDFG servers whenever a signal is available. Instantly share data across IDFG, leading to more timely and accurate stats and analysis. The app combines existing Check Station, Big Game Mortality Report, and Roadkill paper forms into a single user-friendly, dynamic mobile data collection form for wildlife mortality of all mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians reported in Idaho.


Shelf note: The IDFG wildlife mortality app is housed/hosted/maintained by IDFG (Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System and Wildlife Bureau). The URL is TBD.