Incidental BLM wildlife observation database from 1975-2005

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BLM, incidental, observations, wildlife


Observation records stored in an MS Acess database containing more than 10,000 observation records over the course of Robinson's career. Notes from Robinson: "The Idaho table has 10,042 records of individual observations by many others and myself. The earliest observations date to 1975 when I was a seasonal employee in Idaho Falls. In 1977, the BLM contracted with Dr. Oz Garton to inventory wildlife in the St. Joe Mountains. 160 records of his animal codes are numbers for which I have no corresponding translations. Good luck finding these codes. I hope you find many of the codes to be intuitive, while many of the other codes can be found in the BLMs master data dictionary. The populated verified fields are my best error-editing of Easting and Northing locations. The blank verified fields are best guesses of location. I understand you can translate these x/y coordinates into decimal latitude and longitude, which I believe they should be."


Shelf Note: Electronic Files - Zoology: Multiple Species