Spring emergence survey [and other] datasheet[s] [for bat observations and swab samples for fungus, Minnetonka Cave, Bear Lake County, Idaho]

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Abel, Becky


p.[3] (2016)

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Little Brown Myotis, Long-eared Myotis, Myotis evotis, Myotis lucifugus, swab sampling for WNS


Three survey datasheets were used to record bat observations and swab samples at Minnetonka Cave, Bear Lake County, Idaho, on 23 May 2016. A Spring Emergence Survey Datasheet was used only to record site information; a USGS NWHC Individual Specimen Collection Datasheet was used to record the sex and species of seven individual bats, lack of wing damage, and swab vial numbers; and a Fungal Skin Flora Project—Swab Sampling Datasheet was used to note absence of visible fungus and note another swab vial number for the seven individual bats. These bats represent two species: little brown myotis and long-eared myotis.