Owl pellet evaluation [technical memorandum]

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Rudeen, Carl


U. S. Air Force, Mountain Home Air Force Base, Mountain Home, ID, p.[5] (2007)

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owl pellets, small mammals


This memorandum describes results of owl pellet collection and content evaluation from Mountain Home Air Force Base and the Mountain Home Range Complex lands. The pellet collection and analysis was conducted to determine which of 30 possible small mammal species could be present on the Air Force lands were demonstrably present. Eighteen small mammal species were identified on these lands: 9 were discovered during wildlife surveys and 9 others from owl pellet evaluation. Listed in the memorandum are that small mammal species which could possibly exist on the Air Force lands, the small mammal species identified to be present there from owl pellet evaluation, small mammals previously observed on the lands but that were not found in the pellet analysis, and small mammal species/sign documented on Air Force lands by location: Mountain Home Air Force Base, Saylor Creek Range, Juniper Butte Range, and Emitter sites.



Citation (CSE style): Rudeen C. 2007. Owl pellet evaluation. Technical memorandum to: Angelia Binder, Chief of Conservation, Mountain Home Air Force Base, Mountain Home, ID. 5 sheets of text, tables, references.