Idaho Amphibian and Reptile iNaturalist Project

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California Academy of Sciences (2016)

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Idaho Amphibian and Reptile iNaturalist Project, iNaturalist

Abstract: is an open source website and mobile application for the collection of plant and animal observation records submitted by scientists and public citizens alike, often including photos, and in some cases reviewed by peers. The purpose of the Idaho Amphibian and Reptile Project is to provide a convenient way to contribute observations of amphibians and reptiles made in the state of Idaho. The data will be reviewed by the Curator of Herpetology from the Idaho Museum of Natural History and shared with the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Information System maintained by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Funding for developing this project and the associated guides has been provided by MILES, an Idaho NSF-EPSCoR project.


Shelf Note: iNaturalist is housed by the California Academy of Sciences . For cross-referencing database records with IFWIS Observation records, the original Identifier from iNaturalist is stored in IFWIS field "Source ID."