Boreal owl (Aegolius funereus) surveys on the Sawtooth and Boise National Forests

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Groves, Craig


Idaho Fish and Game , Boise, p.16 p. + appendixes (1988)

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Aegolius funereus, bird survey, Boise National Forest, boreal owl, owl survey, Sawtooth National Forest, species of special concern


During March and April, 1988, portions of the Boise and Sawtooth National Forests (NF) were surveyed for boreal owls. Surveys were conducted by playing tape recorded songs of boreal owls in potentially suitable habitat and listening for an elicited response to the tape. Eight sites on the Boise NF and seven sites on the Sawtooth NF were surveyed. Three species of owls were heard during the surveys: great horned owl, northern saw—whet owl, and boreal owl. No boreal owls were located on the Sawtooth NF; boreal owls were heard at two sites (Deadwood Summit and Thunder Mountain Road) on the Boise NF


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