Bat article + Minnetonka [Cave, Idaho, bat] trapping [capture and release] numbers [memo]

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Abel, Becky


p.[1] (2014)

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Big Brown Bat, Corynorhinus townsendii, Eptesicus fuscus, Little Brown Myotis, Long-eared Myotis, Long-legged Myotis, Minnetonka Cave, Myotis ciliolabrum, Myotis evotis, Myotis lucifugus, Myotis volans, Townsend's Big-Eared Bat, Western Small-footed Myotis


This brief memo to Rita Dixon (Idaho Department of Fish and Game), dated 9 October 2014, accompanied a draft of an article (DRAFT75thCelebrationBats20141009 [docx]) about bats for her to review. Included in the memo are numbers of bats captured during a survey the previous night (8 October 2014) at Minnetonka Cave, Idaho. A total of 67 bats (representing 6 species) were captured: Townsend's big-eared bats (1), big brown bat (1), western small-footed myotis (13), long-eared myotis (36), little brown myotis (12), and long-legged myotis (4). Information includes sex and age class. No Yuma myotis were observed. See the report entitled Capture Survey at Minnetonka Cave for information about the capture survey (U14ABE05IDUS).


ELECTRONIC FILE - Zoology: Mammals

The report that presents the bat capture survey results of 8 October 2014 at Minnetonka Cave is U14ABE05IDUS.