Bitch Lake

Flows into the Bitch Creek

    Bitch Lake in Idaho County is 9.0 acres.

    Fish Stocking Records

    Date Species Quantity General Size
    1986/08/07 Westslope Cutthroat 1,000 Fry (0-3 inches)
    1983/09/13 Henrys Lake Cutthroat 606 Fry (0-3 inches)
    1981/08/10 Rainbow X Cutthroat - Diploid 1,044 Fry (0-3 inches)
    1978/08/28 Cutthroat 2,000 Fry (0-3 inches)
    1975/08/10 Cutthroat 1,532 Fry (0-3 inches)
    1973/09/04 Cutthroat 1,440 Fry (0-3 inches)
    1971/08/23 Cutthroat 2,064 Fry (0-3 inches)
    Source: IDFG Fish Stocking Database.

    Licenses and Tags

    Learn more about IDFG Licenses, Tags & Permits

    Fishing Rules, 2022 - 2024

    All Waters Open All Year

    Except as modified in Special Rules
    Fishing is not allowed within the posted upstream and downstream boundary of any fish weir or trap.

    Daily Bag Limits

    The following daily bag limits apply to all waters within each region except as modified in the Special Rules. The possession limit is 3-times the daily bag limit after the second day of the season.

    Special Rules

    No Special Rules for Bitch Lake.
    Clearwater Region Bag Limits
    Bass (Largemouth and Smallmouth)

    • In rivers and streams, no bag, size or possession limits
    • In lakes and reservoirs, limit is 6, both species combined

    Brook Trout

    • Brook Trout limit is 25

    Bull Trout

    • Bull Trout limit is 0, catch-and-release


    • Kokanee limit is 25


    • Spring and summer Chinook Salmon seasons and limits are set annually by the Idaho Fish and Game Commission and issued in separate brochures
    • Seasons and limits for fall Chinook Salmon and Coho Salmon can be found here
    • Sockeye Salmon limit is 0 and fishing for or targeting Sockeye Salmon is illegal
    • Fishing for or targeting salmon is prohibited unless a salmon season is specifically opened for that water

    Steelhead (ocean-going)

    • Defined as Rainbow Trout longer than twenty (20) inches in length in the Snake River drainage below Hells Canyon Dam, the Salmon River drainage (excluding lakes and reservoirs), and the Clearwater River drainage (excluding that portion above Dworshak Dam, and lakes)
    • Seasons and limits for steelhead can be found here
    • Fishing for or targeting steelhead is prohibited unless a steelhead season is specifically opened for that water 


    • Sturgeon limit is 0, catch-and-release
    • Sturgeon must not be removed from the water and must be released upon landing
    • Barbless hooks are required
    • Use of a sliding swivel device to secure a weight, and a lighter test line to secure weight to sliding swivel device is required. See fishing regulations for details

    Tiger Muskie

    • Tiger Muskie limit is 2, none under 40 inches

    Trout includes Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout, and trout hybrids (e.g. Tiger Trout)

    • In rivers and streams, trout limit is 2, all species combined
    • In lakes, reservoirs, ditches and canals, trout limit is 6, all species combined
    • Does not include Bull Trout and Brook Trout which are listed separately


    • Whitefish limit is 25

    Protected Nongame Fish includes Pacific Lamprey and Sand Roller

    • May not be harvested or possessed

    All Other Fish Species includes bullfrogs and crayfish

    • No bag, size or possession limit
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