Snake River

Tributary of the Columbia River

  • Recommended Fishing Water


Motor Restriction
Boat Ramp
ADA Access
Handicap Accessible

Recommended Game Fish

Species Observed in Surveys

Fish Stocking Records

Date Species Quantity General Size
10/17/2017 White Sturgeon 213 Adults
10/13/2016 White Sturgeon 100 Adults
10/26/2015 White Sturgeon 100 Adults
Source: IDFG Fish Stocking Database.

Licenses and Tags

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Chinook Salmon Seasons and Rules

Fishing Rules

All Waters Open All Year

Except as modified in Special Rules
Fishing is not allowed within the posted upstream and downstream boundary of any fish weir or trap.

Daily Bag Limits

The following daily bag limits apply to all waters within each region except as modified in the Special Rules. The possession limit is 3-times the daily bag limit after the second day of the season.

Special Rules

Snake River (Lewiston upstream to Hells Canyon Dam)
  • Trout limit is 6; only trout with a clipped adipose fin, as evidenced by a healed scar, may be kept; no harvest of Cutthroat Trout
Snake River From Lower Salmon Falls Dam (Bell Rapids area) upstream to Upper Salmon Falls Dam (0.3 miles below Owsley Bridge)
  • January 1 through June 30 - bass limit is 0, catch-and-release
  • July 1 through December 31 - bass limit is 2, none between 12 and 16 inches
Snake River From the downstream side of the Gifford Springs boat fishing zone (western boundary) upstream to Eagle Rock
  • Bass limit is 2, any size
  • Trout limit is 6, only 2 may be Cutthroat Trout
Snake River From Eagle Rock upstream to American Falls Dam
  • October 16 through Friday before Memorial Day weekend - limit is 0 for game fish species, catch-and-release, no bait allowed, barbless hooks required
  • Saturday of Memorial Day weekend through October 15 - bass limit is 2, any size; trout limit is 6, only 2 may be Cutthroat Trout, only 2 trout over 16 inches
Snake River From American Falls Reservoir upstream to Gem Lake Dam
  • Trout limit is 6, only 2 may be Cutthroat Trout
  • Bass limit is 2, any size
Snake River Gem Lake Dam to Osgood Diversion
  • Trout limit is 6, only 2 may be Cutthroat Trout
Snake River Osgood Diversion upstream to the confluence of Henrys Fork (North and South Fork)
  • Trout limit is 2, no harvest of Cutthroat Trout
Snake River All other sections of the Snake River including reservoirs within the Magic Valley Region
  • Magic Valley Region general rules apply
Market Lake Wildlife Management Area
  • March 1 through July 15 - no boats, rafts or float tubes
Fort Hall Indian Reservation Willow Creek tributaries
  • No harvest of Cutthroat Trout
  • No limit on Rainbow Trout or trout hybrids
  • June 1 through June 30 - closed to fishing
Nearby Rules The following special rule(s) apply to adjacent waters but exclude the Snake River.
Niagara Springs Wildlife Management Area except Snake River
  • Trout limit is 2
Multiple Regional Bag Limits Apply
The Snake River overlaps multiple regional boundaries. Every effort is made to use special rules to standardize the rules and bag limits across regional boundaries. Check the map to verify in what region you are fishing and follow the corresponding bag limits.
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