Island Park Reservoir - Island Park Reservoir

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Survey Site: 
Island Park Reservoir
Study Area: 
Island Park Reservoir
Survey Site Directions: 
Island Park Reservoir
Survey Site Method: 
Data Entry Notes: 
Mapped to a point in center of Island Park Reservoir
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Observations at this Site


  • Common Loon (Gavia immer) view
  • Eared Grebe (Podiceps nigricollis) view
  • Willet (Tringa semipalmata) view
  • Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) view
  • Bufflehead (Bucephala albeola) view
  • Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) view
  • Western Grebe (Aechmophorus occidentalis) view
  • White-faced Ibis (Plegadis chihi) view
  • Gadwall (Anas strepera) view
  • American White Pelican (Pelecanus erythrorhynchos) view
  • Franklin's Gull (Leucophaeus pipixcan) view
  • Killdeer (Charadrius vociferus) view
  • Canada Goose (Branta canadensis) view
  • Spotted Sandpiper (Actitis macularius) view
  • Ring-billed Gull (Larus delawarensis) view
  • American Avocet (Recurvirostra americana) view


  • Franklin's Gull (Leucophaeus pipixcan) view
  • Canvasback (Aythya valisineria) view
  • Mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) view
  • Clark's Grebe (Aechmophorus clarkii) view