Bee observation data, Palouse Prairie, ID and WA, 2012-2013

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Agapostemon, Andrena, Anthidium, Anthophora, Apis, Atoposmia, bees, Bombus, Bombus occidentalis, Ceratina, Chrysididae, Collettes, Diadasia, Dianthidium, Epeolus, Eucera, Habropoda, Halictus, Heriades, Hoplitis, Hylaeus, Lasioglossum, Megachile, Melecta, Melissodes, Nomada, Osmia, Panurginus, Perdita, Sphecodes, Stelis, Triepeolus


This Excel workbook provides observation/collection data for bee species collected over 2 years during studies for a dissertation about the bees of the Palouse Prairie of Idaho and Washington. It contains 13,242 records of bees collected on the Palouse in 2012 and 2013, 8049 of which were in Washington and 5193 in Idaho. Information includes observer name, species name, date, location, and specimen number, when known. (Also see 2016 dissertation: Genetic and Community Structure of Native Bees of the Palouse Prairie, U16RHO01IDUS.)


Electronic Files: Zoology - Invertebrates