Compilation of mountain goat observations in Idaho and review of existing observation records, 1954–2019 [Excel spreadsheet]

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Idaho Department of Fish and Game (2019)

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mountain goat, Oreamnos americanus


This Excel spreadsheet compiles and details 25,887 mountain goat observations occurring as early as 1954 and as late as early 2019. Of this collection, 59 observations were already in the Idaho Species Diversity Database but have been reviewed and now revised accordingly in that database. Of the remaining 25,828 records, 610 are unmappable because of vague location information, and 18,533 are GPS points collected from six studies or sources from tracking the movements of a few individual mountain goats. The latter will eventually be imported to a database for tracking data. The spreadsheet's remaining 6,685 records will be imported to the Wildlife Diversity database (minus any sighting locations that are very far into Oregon or Montana). The data were compiled by regional biologists and through searching existing academic and agency studies. Information captured could, but not necessarily, include observer name(s), date, observation method, observation notes, total count (sometimes categorized by life stage and/or sex), location description, geographic coordinates, habitat information, percentage snow cover, and location use by the goats. Observation statuses of sightings include unverified, possible, trusted, and verified.


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