Salmon River RCC invertebrate data

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Idaho EPSCoR (1977)

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benthic macroinvertebrates, river continuum concept, Salmon River


The data presented here represent the benthic macroinvertebrate data collected in 1976 and 1977 along the Salmon River mainstem. These data were part of the original river continuum concept (RCC) project. Seven sites were sampled seasonally over the two year period. Four sites on the upper Salmon River mainstem (i.e., Camp, Smiley, Obsidian, and Casino) were sampled in March and July of 1976. Four sites on the mid to lower Salmon River were sampled in March/April, July, and September/October of 1977 (i.e., Casino, Deadman's hole, Shoup, and Slate). However, only Shoup and Slate were processed during the July 1977 sampling trip. Additional samples (i.e., transport and benthic organic matter) were sampled during other trips, but the data presented here are the only seasonal samples that were processed for invertebrates. Samples were collected either via a 'dustpan-kicknet' (1976) or a dome sampler (1977). Invertebrates were identified and counted. As the methods differ between years, interannual differences can only be compared based on relative abundance. These data are the basis for the following manuscripts. Minshall, G. W., J. T. Brock, and T. W. Lapoint. 1982. Characterization and dynamics of benthic organic-matter and invertebrate functional feeding group relationships in the upper Salmon River, Idaho (USA). Internationale Revue der Gesamten Hydrobiologie 67:793-820. Minshall, G. W., R. C. Petersen, T. L. Bott, C. E. Cushing, K. W. Cummins, R. L. Vannote, and J. R. Sedell. 1992. Stream ecosystem dynamics of the Salmon River, Idaho: An 8th order system. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 11:111-137. Minshall, G. W., R. C. Petersen, K. W. Cummins, T. L. Bott, J. R. Sedell, C. E. Cushing, and R. L. Vannote. 1983. Interbiome comparison of stream ecosystem dynamics. Ecological Monographs 53:1-25.


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