About Tumors

Tumors or cancer can be caused by a variety of things, although often the specific cause is not known.
Commonly Affected Species:
Signs Of Disease
Tumors vary in size and location. Tumors that are external are usually easy to identify because they are visible and can be very large. Internal tumors are usually not found unless an animal dies or is harvested. Large tumors or tumors that are widespread in various organ systems can cause illness or death in animals.
Where is Disease Found?
Tumors have been reported from a variety of animals worldwide, but are usually only seen in individuals. Tumors have been reported from a variety of species of wildlife in Idaho.
How Can I Protect Myself?
Tumors in wildlife are not known to be transmissible to humans. Rubber or latex gloves should be worn when handling animals that have tumors that are infected with bacteria or that lack a sufficient blood supply and become necrotic.
Samples to Collect
If there is concern about this condition, contact a conservation officer or an Idaho Department of Fish and Game Regional Office. Appropriate samples can be collected for testing if deemed necessary.
Can I Eat The Meat?
Meat from animals that have tumors is suitable for human consumption. Judicious trimming of affected tissues is warranted.
What is IDFG doing to help manage this disease?:

Tumors are usually present in individual animals and do not present concerns for populations of wildlife.