About Tapeworms in carnivores and ungulates

Tapeworms are segmented worms that are usually found in the small intestine or other tubular structures of animals. There are numerous species of tapeworms that affect a variety of animals with highly variable life cycles and many sizes.
Commonly Affected Species:
Signs Of Disease
Typically animals that are infected with tapeworms show no outward signs. Tapeworms are occasionally found when animals are examined after being harvested by hunters.
Where is Disease Found?
Tapeworms are found worldwide and have been reported from many species of wildlife in Idaho.
How Can I Protect Myself?
Wear rubber or latex gloves when handling dead animals or when processing wild game.
Samples to Collect
If there is concern about this condition, contact a conservation officer or an Idaho Department of Fish and Game Regional Office. Appropriate samples can be collected for testing if deemed necessary.
Can I Eat The Meat?
The meat of animals with tapeworms can be consumed by humans.
What is IDFG doing to help manage this disease?:

Tapeworms are not considered a serious threat to the health of individuals or populations of wildlife.  The management of tapeworms on a population scale would be very difficult.