what do you do with a deer if it is hit by a car


If you are the driver/owner of the car and involved in a collision with a deer, the first thing you should do is insure everyone is OK. If possible before doing anything else, for your safety, be sure you are not blocking traffic. If the animal is dead, you may want to move off the traffic lane. If the animal is wounded and alive, please notify your nearest Conservation Officer, Fish and Game office or local law enforcement. Do not attempt to dispatch the animal yourself.
ITD Highway Engineers and IDFG Biologists are interested in knowing which sections of Idaho’s highways are most dangerous for both motorists and wildlife. That is why both agencies have collaborated in building a database to record road kill information. Armed with this information, highway engineers can work with biologist to design safer roadways for motorists and better wildlife crossings like the wildlife underpass on Hwy 20 near Lucky Peak Reservoir.
If you are aware of a road kill, note the date, and location either by address or Hwy and mile post marker. If you use the online feature, you can use the mapping feature to pin drop the location.  Also note the species of animal involved, and if possible, be prepared to give as much detail as to its age and gender.
You can enter this information online at the following road kill reporting web site: https://fishandgame.idaho.gov/ifwis/observations/salvage/
You may also report this same information by phone or in person at your nearest Fish and Game Office or Idaho Transportation Department office.
New rules now allow persons to salvage certain wildlife for personal use. If you wish to salvage certain road kill wildlife you must report them to a Fish and Game office within 24 hours and receive a permit within 10 days. This can be accomplished in one step using the online reporting (same link as above) and indicate you want to salvage the animal. The web page will generate the permit that you can print from your computer. In one step you will help us identify locations of highways that are vulnerable to vehicle wildlife collisions, as well as report and receive your permit to possess certain wildlife to salvage.
A Salvage permit can also be obtained in person at your nearest Fish and Game office. Please take a look at the online reporting page for more information on the rules associated with the salvage of wildlife killed by motor vehicles.
The online reporting and database is not monitored daily by employees and is intended to capture road kill data for future use. Road kill that present a hazard and need to be removed from highways for safety or health reasons, please contact you nearest IDFG or ITD office and report the road kill and ask if it can be removed.

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Monday, October 1, 2012 - 9:21 AM MDT