What are the top two places to hunt in Idaho?

how many people go there. where is it? what is it's name what can you hunt there?


That of course is a difficult question because there are many locations that offer varying quality hunts for various species.  You would also have to define what you consider "top"  in your mind.  We have a lot of information available online that can address that question for you (the correct answer would likely be different for almost everyone).  Go to our website and look at the hunt planner.  That can help you narrow your choices along with our big game statistics.  If you are looking for highest success rates or highest quality buck or bull, best drawing odds, fewest hunters, etc.- all that is online.  If you get things narrowed down, I would suggest you contact one of our regional offices and talk to a biologist that manages game in the unit you are interested in.  Good luck!

Answered on: 
Friday, November 1, 2013 - 10:29 AM MDT