What are the rules on tree stands?

Are they public domain meaning first come first serve? I understand the rules and this to be the case on BLM land but what are the rules in Caribou National forest? When can they be put up? How long can they stay up? This is confusing to all and leads to a lot of argument and confrontation. I have seen a TON of stands on national forest. Many are up year round almost all use screw in foot pegs. What is legal? Need your help. The fish and game regulations are too vague. Some say tree stands are not blinds and don't fall under the same rules.


Idaho Code and IDFG Commission rules to not address tree stands for the use of hunting, except on lands owned by IDFG. On our WMA's the use of tree stands are restricted as follows:
To construct blinds, pits, platforms, or tree stands where the soil is disturbed, trees are cut or altered, and artificial fasteners, such as wire, rope, or nails are used. All blinds shall be available to the public on a "first-come - first-served" basis. Portable manufactured blinds and tree stands are allowed but may not be left overnight.
You must contact the USFS and BLM for information relating to blinds and tree stands on lands they manage.

Answered on: 
Monday, October 28, 2013 - 2:46 PM MDT