Tiger Muskie in mountain lakes?

I have noticed in several small mountain lakes tiger muskie have been stocked. Most recently Grassy Mountain Lakes NW of McCall. Why is this?
Tiger Muskie, as you would guess from their name, are agressive predatory fish.  They are effecient eating "machines" that survive well in Idaho lakes.   Sterile (unable to reproduce) Tiger Muskie have been introduced in mountain lakes to remove Brook Trout.  Brook Trout tend to over-populate and stunt (become short and skinny) which creates an undesirable fishing experience and impacts fish species like Rainbow and Cutthroat trout that are also competing for forage in the lakes.  In the case of Black Lake in the 7-Devils Mountains, we introduced Tiger Muskie several years ago.  They were so effective, after three years we could no longer detect Brook Trout in the lake.  We have now removed the few Tiger Muskie that remained and plan on restocking the mountain lake with Cutthroat, this fall.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2015 - 11:39 AM MDT