Tiger Muskie

Hi. I just ran across a question someone asked regarding pike and muskie. One of the locations in the answer for Tiger Muskie given is Carey Lake.
Is this new there? How long have the Tiger Muskies been in there?
I also noted on a report earlier this year they were considering putting them in Montpelier Reservoir. Has that happened?
Are there other waters in SE. SW, or the Magic Valley areas with Tiger Muskie in them.
Looking at the historical stocking data it doesn't show anything new for the past few years....as it has shown for a few years now.
Any help on where I may find some without going to Utah would be appreciated.


Placing tiger muskie in Carey Lake was discussed many years ago, but it was never done.  Channel catfish were tried instead to control stunted bluegill and bass.
The only place in the Magic Valley Region with tiger muskie is Dog Creek Reservoir near Gooding.  They've been stocked in the reservoir for over 10 years, however, very few are seen in the fishery.
At this point in time, tiger muskie have not been introduced into Montpelier.  Prior to introducing this "toothy" predator, we will go through an extensive analysis process that includes collecting public input.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 2:57 PM MDT