In a group hunt application, if one of the applicants has a "change of heart" is he/she required to purchase the tag?

My Father and a long time friend want to apply for a controlled hunt as a Group, my buddies concern is that come fall if money is tight and he feels he cant pay for the trip is he required to buy that tag? If he doesn't buy the tag is he punished by not being able to apply in the coming years?


A hunter who is drawn for a controlled hunt is not required to pick up the tag.  The deadline to pick it up is August 1; if it isn't picked up by then it will go into the second drawing.  If the hunt that was drawn is an antlered-only hunt, there is a waiting period of 2 seasons before the hunter can apply for another antlered-only hunt.

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Friday, May 4, 2012 - 11:08 AM MDT