Can I purchase my hunting license on the first, and the purchase my sportsman's package a few months later?


Yes with some restrictions. If you purchase a hunting license with validations and no tags or permits that are required to be notched, validated or attached to a harvested animal, we will allow you to upgrade to a sportsman's package license at a later date in the year. For example, if a person purchases a hunting license and a migratory bird permit (validation on license) in January and in April decides to upgrade to a sportsman’s package, we can cancel the hunting license and validation and issue the sportsman’s package and the customer will pay the difference between the hunting license and the sportsmans package license. IDFG management will be discussing other options in an upcoming meeting to better serve our customers, so stay tuned to potential changes to this type of service. Thanks.

Answered on: 
Tuesday, January 7, 2014 - 10:16 AM MST