Boise River Salmon

What happens to the Salmon immediately after they are released into the Boise River. I fished right after both releases this year, Friday & Saturday last week, and never saw any sign of a salmon. No one I spoke to had either. I have fished my entire life for salmon so I am not a novice but it is my first year on the Boise. Even spoke to a Conservation Ofiicer and he had not checked a fish up to that time on Friday .


Maybe we need to work on designing Go Pro type fish cams so we can see where they go once released from the hatchery truck.  I can tell you that several went to the deep water below the Park Center Bridge piers and held there are several days.
We've had a "handful" of people calling to tell us about catching Chinook from the Boise River plants.  This is a guess - I would fish along current lines at back-eddys below release sites to have the best chance of catching a Chinook.  Tuna balls and salmon eggs seem to be the best baits.

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Friday, July 25, 2014 - 10:31 AM MDT