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On March 12 a person asked about the super hunt tags, in no surprise it was talked about in circles, its all about money, not quality or Quantity of the animals it's what Idaho Fish and Game gets in their pocket. That's the whole deal. It has been brought to their attention about how to manage the herds of both deer and elk but severely refused. It would actually make Fish and Game accountable for doing their jobs. New Vehicles, and such other items as boats, campers, trailers, ie. What ever happened to the feed program we had, all of us chipped in and agreed to pay that year for feed, next thing we know is the feed never got put out, and a 80% winter kill happened because of the severe winter, where were the repercussions then, we suffered, no two deer tag season ever. Wow. really and now 80% of all our Super hunt tags are going to out of State residence who have a big pocket books. Please at least be honest to the public. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY! Again I have spoke to a co worker who has approached the Idaho Fish and Game and offered advise and a plan to get us back on track and he was laughed at and refused, he was told it was a biologist deal and not enforcement deal. I digress, Again back to the question about the super tags, it's about the money, fix it and make no out of State residence eligible to draw for super tags, that is a privilege, and should just be a right because that person has money. Leave the rest of the draws open to out of State residence but at least give the residence of Idaho a chance to enjoy OUR State. If you must charge the out of State residence more to make up for the difference. I am sure they will pay.
The Super Hunt program is about generating money, specifically for the Access Yes! Program, which compensates landowners across the state to open up their private property to hunting, fish and wildlife dependent recreation. The Super Hunt is a raffle and is open to anyone wishing to participate.  People interested in participating can purchase as many opportunities as they wish.  Last year, the Super Hunt generated just under $225,000.  That money was used to open up over 840,000 acres for hunting, fishing and trapping.  Resident hunters are the primary beneficiaries. Last year, Idaho Fish and Game issued over 41,000 controlled hunt tags. 40 of those tags were Super Hunt tags. In 2013, 51% of Super Hunt tags went to residents hunters. In 2012, 62% of Super Hunt tags went to resident hunters. When the Fish and Game Commission approved the Super Hunt program, commissioners instructed staff to maximize revenue in order to maximize access to private land.
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Friday, May 8, 2015 - 1:45 PM MDT