Simplify turkey tag options offered to hunters


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Status of Rulemaking

This proposed rule is published in the September 2, 2020, Idaho Administrative Bulletin.

A public comment period was open from September 2 to September 23, 2020. 


This rulemaking proposal would simplify and clarify definitions for the use of wild turkey tags to include two (2) types of turkey tags: a general tag and a controlled hunt tag. The Commission would set bag limits and has the authority to discount tags to allow for increased harvest opportunity where necessary. The controlled hunt permit would be eliminated.

Currently, there are three types of tags available: (1) general tags, (2) extra tags, and (3) special unit tags; there are limitations on how tags may be used (IDAPA This rule is complicated and restricts wildlife managers from easily targeting wild turkey populations that have pushed the boundaries of social tolerance. The purpose of this amended rule language is to make it easier for the hunting public to understand, and to help wildlife managers improve wild turkey population management.

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