Provide Commission authority to set a later season start date for nonresident participation in pheasant seasons


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Status of Rulemaking

This proposed rule is published in the September 2, 2020, Idaho Administrative Bulletin.

A public comment period was open from September 2 to September 23, 2020. 


This rulemaking would provide the Fish and Game Commission the authority to set a later season start date, of not more than five (5) days, for nonresident participation in pheasant seasons.

Currently, section 36-407(e), Idaho Code establishes a 5-day delay from the pheasant season opening date for nonresident holders of small game hunting licenses; however, this delay does not apply to nonresident holders of annual “Combination Hunting and Fishing,” or “Hunting” licenses. 

The Fish and Game Commission received a rulemaking petition from residents in Franklin and Oneida counties to modify the pheasant season opening date for all nonresident hunters to November 1. The petitioners believe nonresident hunting pressure during the season makes hunting and hunting access more difficult for residents. Delaying the opening date for nonresidents to hunt pheasants is thought to increase the opportunity for residents to hunt pheasants without competition from nonresidents, and increase the quality of hunting.

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