Minimum age to hunt turkey with a Hunting Passport and Designation of Locations Requiring Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Upland Game Permits.


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Status of Rulemaking

No commenter indicated an interest in negotiated rulemaking and no request for a meeting to negotiate was received. Comments did not suggest negotiated rulemaking would be constructive in significantly narrowing issues or achieving consensus. The agency has initiated formal rulemaking.


Negotiated rulemaking will cover two upland game bird rule changes.

Turkey: The current minimum age for turkey hunting is age 10. Hunters and supporters of youth opportunities have asked to allow Hunting Passport holders eight (8) and nine (9) years of age to participate in general season hunts, youth-only general hunts, landowner permission hunts, and depredation hunts for turkey.


WMA Upland Game Bird Permit: Current rules identify nine WMAs with pheasant stocking programs where hunters eighteen (18) years of age and older must have a WMA Upland Game Permit to hunt pheasants. Hunters and supporters of pheasant hunting have asked to expand the pheasant stocking program to include additional properties. The WMA Upland Game Bird Permit requirement helps to offset costs of stocking. A rule change would provide the Commission the flexibility to require a WMA Upland Game Permit to hunt additional properties.  

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019
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6/5/2019 to 6/26/2019
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