Limit nonresident participation on general season big game hunts without reducing resident opportunity.


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This proposed rule has been published in the September Administrative Bulletin.


For assistance on technical questions about the proposed rule, contact Toby Boudreau at (208) 334-2920. Anyone may submit written comments regarding this proposed rulemaking.


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This negotiated rulemaking will address providing the Commission the authority to limit by proclamation the number of nonresident deer and elk tags issued in general season (over-the-counter) hunts to no less than 10% of resident tags without limiting resident hunter opportunity. This rulemaking also will make considerations to provide for outfitter tag allocation in those general units. The resident hunting public has asked the Commission to address hunter congestion and geographic distribution of nonresident hunters in general season deer and elk hunts. This rulemaking would give the Commission flexibility to manage nonresident participation in general season deer and elk hunts.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019
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9/4/2019 to 9/25/2019
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