Southwest Region Events

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  • Jan20

    Oregon Trail Rough Riders Event at BCR

    This cowboy action shooting group wears western period clothing and performs shooting scenarios using revolvers, rifles and shotguns in an Old West setting. This family-friendly event begins at 9:00am. New shooters and spectators are always welcome!

  • Jan20

    M1 Carbine Silhouette Match at BCR

    This silhouette shoot uses the WWII classic .30 caliber M1 carbine, and both originals and reproductions are allowed.

    Shooters have four minutes and 15 rounds to shoot 10 targets and all shooting is done “off hand” without a spotter. Each participant shoots up to 60 rounds at these distances: 40 yards-chickens, 50 yards-pigs, 75 yards-turkeys, 100 yards-rams.

    Save $5 in match fees by combining an M1 Carbine match with a CMP M1 Carbine match!

  • Jan20

    Youth Ice Fishing Event at Horsethief Reservoir

    Sponsored by Idaho Youth Outdoors, this ice fishing event is always a hit with youngsters and their parents!

    Learn more about the event here:


  • Jan20

    CMP M1 Carbine Match at BCR

    This bullseye target match uses the classic WWII M1 carbine with .30 caliber bullets. CMP rules require that the carbine be in as issued by the U.S. Armed Forces condition with standard stock and sights. The trigger pull may be no less than 4.5 pounds, and no increased weight in the carbine is allowed. No glass bedding, laminated or synthetic stocks are allowed. Standard issue 15-round magazines are required.

  • Jan27

    Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette Match at BCR

    Shooters must use an 1896 or prior, American design, single-shot rifle with an exposed hammer. Examples include hiwalls, rolling blocks and the classic 1874 Sharps carbine. Both originals and reproductions are allowed. Only black powder or pyrodex may be used and gas checks are prohibited. Allowed calibers include but are not limited to .38-55, .40-65, .45-70 and .45-90.

  • Jan28

    BCR's 500-meter Range Open to the Public

    Black's Creek Public Shooting Range's 500-meter range will be open to the public all day. Swinging gong targets and standing targets will be used, at distances of 200, 300, 385 and 500 meters. Come out and enjoy some long distance shooting!

    No full metal jacket, steel jacket or tracer rounds please.

    Please note that the main range will be closed for this event.