What if a animal is hit but doesn't die and has to be put down by law enforcement, can I still have the meat?


The simple answer is yes!
The new salvage rule does not authorize anyone to dispatch or put down injured wildlife that have been involved in a vehicle collision.
If you have been involved in a wildlife-vehicle collision and the animal is only injured, the responding law enforcement officer may have to put down the animal. In this case you can ask the officer for the meat. If the responder is a Fish and Game employee, they will issue you the salvage permit on site. Other Law Enforcement Officers may not have our permits to issue and it will be your responsibility to report the salvage to Idaho Fish and Game at a regional office or through the online salvage reporting web site within 24 hours. In the note section you should mention that the animal had to be dispatched by Officer _______ of the _____________agency.

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Monday, December 3, 2012 - 3:51 PM MST