Trapping fish.

I have a current fishing license. My question pertains to the method of obtaining the legal fish. I do not intend to use dynamite or anything extreme. I would like to test out fishing baskets and yo-yo reals. Where can I find more information on this?


Here are some basic rules you need to follow:
1)  Anything with a reel, line, and upto 5 hooks can be used to harvest fish.  Traps (baskets, weirs, etc.) are illegal unless you are trapping crayfish.  You can legally have 5 crayfish traps in the water at once with a valid fishing license.
2) Whatever gear you use, it must be attended.  You can use the Yo Yo reel, but you must be present and attending to the gear when it's in use.  You can not set this gear and leave it to fish.  With one fishing license, you can set one Yo Yo reel.  A two-pole permit would allow you to set two Yo Yo reels - both of which would need to be under your immediate attention.
3) You can use a seine to take minnows (juvenile nongame fish used for bait).  If harvested for bait they must immediately be killed.  They can not be moved to a different water, alive.
4) Parts of game and nongame fish can be used for bait.
In summary, the Yo Yo reel can be used with upto 5 hooks as long as you are attending the gear.  Using a "fish-basket" is illegal.

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Monday, September 30, 2013 - 9:22 AM MDT