Deer killing my garden and trees

Whitetail deer are decimating our garden and fruit trees despite our best efforts with netting, dogs, and obstacles.
At this point, my wife wants me to kill the deer. Is this legal?
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Benjamin, Living with Wildlife in our backyards can be frustrating especially when they start helping themselves to the "fruits" of our labors.  I would encourage you to contact your local Regional Office to determine who is your local Conservation Officer or Landowner Sportsman Coordinator to provide you with some assistance.  The web site can provide you with the phone numbers of each Regional Office just call the one closest to you.  They may be able to offer you suggestions or solutions that you have not tried yet.  There are sprays and other items that might bring you success.  
The killing of big game animals outside of season’s and other regulations is unlawful.  

Answered on: 
Monday, July 14, 2014 - 3:15 PM MDT