Are there requirements for selling legally taken frozen raccoon or coyote carcases?

Disability prevents me from skinning my dog-caught raccoons. I usually freeze 'em, then give them to a trapper in my area who gives me a few dollars to help with gas and dogfood. The guys I generally use decided not to trap this year and the alternate died. Others I've spoken to only want 'em free. Thought I might offer 'em via Craigslist, but don't want to get in a jackpot. Do I or they require "Fur Buyer's License", ect., or is my Hunting license sufficient? Do I need to varify their's?


Raccoons and coyotes are classified as unprotected and predatory wildlife. The sale of legally taken unprotected wildlife is allowed under Idaho Code Section 36-501 (a). The carcasses must be accompanied by a written statement from the seller (seller's name, address, phone number, and hunting or trapping license number) to confirm legal take.
This answer only applies to unprotected wildlife; there are restrictions and license requirements for other species of wildlife.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013 - 3:57 PM MST