INTRODUCTION: Welcome to the Help Doc for the Hunt Planner Map Center!

The IDFG Hunt Planner Map Center application allows you to explore Idaho's hunting opportunities.  To summarize the power of this application, it allows you to:

  • toggle various layers on or off to enhance your map (such as administrative boundaries, land management, trails, campgrounds, and wildfires).
  • change the basemap under the different layers (such as Imagery, Topographic, Terrain, etc.)
  • easily navigate to many hunting-related areas such as Game Management Units, Elk Zones, and Controlled Hunt Areas using a webmap interface
  • download Google Earth kmls of highlighted hunt areas
  • upload waypoints and tracks from a GPS by uploading a .gpx file
  • search for a place or longitude/latitude coordinate
  • measure length and area or find the coordinates at a chosen point
  • draw and add text to the map
  • create a georeferenced PDF or PNG(image) to print or share a custom map

DISCLAIMER: Idaho Department of Fish and Game does not assume liability.  No warranty expressed or implied by Idaho Department of Fish and Game regarding the utility of the data on any other system, nor shall the act of distribution constitute any such warranty. The data represented in this file is true and accurate to the best of Idaho Department of Fish and Game's knowledge but is considered a best representation only.  Users must assume responsibility in determining the usability of this data for their purposes.  

A number of layers available in the Turn Layers On/Off window are created and maintained by other agencies.  For more information about a specific layer, go to the Turn Layers On/Off section.   For any questions regarding the GIS data or to report any errors please contact us.


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