Wildlife Management Areas

Wildlife depend on Wildlife Management Areas to thrive in parts of Idaho. These parcels of land are managed to help wildlife when they are most vulnerable, like mule deer during the winter or waterfowl during the nesting season.
Regional map

Idaho Fish and Game has 32 Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs), which range from 275 to 85,000 acres. Each is unique and has specific priorities based upon the needs of wildlife in the surrounding area.


  • Panhandle
  • Boundary Creek
  • McArther Lake
  • Pend Oreille
  • Farragut
  • Coeur d’Alene
  • Snow Peak
  • Clearwater
  • Craig Mountain
  • Red River
  • Southwest
  • Cecil D. Andrus
  • Payette River
  • Montour
  • Fort Boise
  • Boise River
  • C.J. Strike
  • Magic Valley
  • Southeast
  • Sterling
  • Portneuf
  • Blackfoot River
  • Georgetown Summit
  • Montpelier
  • Upper Snake
  • Tex Creek
  • Market Lake
  • Mud Lake
  • Deer Parks
  • Cartier Slough
  • Sand Creek

Youth pheasant hunt on WMA

Can the public use WMAs?

While WMAs exist to help wildlife populations, people can visit and view wildlife, hunt, fish, trap and other compatible activities. Some WMAs host special events like fishing clinics, youth hunts and bird watching tours. During certain times of the year the property is closed to protect wildlife, which is the primary purpose of all WMAs.

Antelope buck at CJ Strike WMA

Creating a WMA

The story behind each WMA is often unique to when it was created and its location. Most were purchased with sportsmen dollars or through mitigation for loss of wildlife habitat elsewhere. On occasion the property has been donated by private individuals or foundations. Regardless of their beginnings, all provide important habitat for wildlife.

High school students planting shrubs

Managing a WMA

WMAs create habitat and security for wildlife. For Fish and Game biologists who manage these properties, this translates into improving wild forage, making food plots, fighting noxious weeds, creating wetlands, protecting water quality, surveying wildlife and managing public access.



Wildlife on the Move: Tex Creek
Snow Geese Fill the Air at Fort Boise this Spring


Interactive WMA maps

Explore the diverse collection of Wildlife Management Areas that provide critical habitat for a myriad of wildlife and plant species in Idaho.