Draft Fisheries Management Plan 2019-2024 Comment Opportunity


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Idaho Fish and Game is collecting public input on the newly updated draft of the Fisheries Management Plan. This planning document describes the policy direction for the state’s fisheries program for the next six years from 2019 to 2024. The document outlines fisheries management program priorities as well as sport fishing and conservation goals across the state.

The Department is asking for public comment on draft proposed changes to the 2019-2024 Fisheries Management Plan. The final proposed changes will be presented for the Commission's approval at the November meeting.

Fisheries Management Plan Overview

The plan is divided into two parts:

1. Part one of this plan provides an overview of the Department’s fisheries programs, goals, objectives, and desired outcomes.

Department policies and fisheries management programs are described. Results of the 2017 Angler Opinion Survey are summarized, statewide issues and programs are discussed, and strategies are identified to attain the goals.

2. Part two of this plan is organized by major drainages within the state.

A narrative overview describes the location, gives pertinent statistics on use, land management activities, demographics, and describes the habitat and important fisheries in each drainage. Also included is the most recent information on fisheries management issues, challenges and opportunities, and general objectives for each major water body in the state. Objectives for smaller water bodies (e.g. alpine lakes, community ponds) are typically described at a programmatic level for each drainage. This section is intentionally broad and focused on fishery or conservation outcomes rather than specific angling regulations, and is intended to be adaptive to respond to changing biological, temporal, and social climates.



[PDF 8.9 MB, 406 pages]

Public Comment Instructions

We welcome comments for any part or all of the fisheries management plan. This feedback form is divided into sections related to significant changes from the 2013-2018 fisheries management plan. There are more changes than outlined here, which you may address in "general comments."

The categories of significant changes presented to the Idaho Fish and Game Commission on July 26, 2018 are:

Referrals to specific line numbers, as they appear in the left margin of the draft, are very helpful.

Thank you for your participation!

Public comment period closes at end of day on October 7, 2018