Southeast Region - Draft Proposals for 2019-2021 Fishing Seasons and Rules


Fishing seasons in Idaho are established within administrative regions.

The Department is asking for public comment on draft proposed changes to the fishing seasons and rules brochure. The final proposed changes will be presented for the Commission's approval at the November meeting.

General Fishing Seasons for the Southeast Region

All Waters Open All Year Except as modified in Southeast Region Special Rule Waters (pages 29-30 of the fishing seasons and rules brochure).

Bag Limits

Daily Bag Limits for the Southeast Region are defined on page 28 of the fishing seasons and rules brochure.

Southeast Region

Draft Proposed Changes Follow

The draft proposals are listed below. There are four total proposals: four daily bag limit changes are listed below. Please address the changes you'd like to in the appropriate space. General comments within the region can be listed above the Contact Information space.

Open House Opportunity

September 18, 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm Mountain
Southeast Region Fish and Game Office
1345 Barton Road
Pocatello, ID 83204
September 19, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Mountain
Caribou County Fire Station
655 East. 2nd South

Soda Springs, ID 83276

Other Seasons and Rules Comment Periods

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Public comment period closes at end of day on October 7, 2018
1) Modify the trout harvest on the Snake River from American Falls Reservoir upstream to Gem Lake Dam to a 2 trout limit

Currently the regulations allow a daily bag limit of 6 Trout, only 2 may be cutthroat trout. Proposed language is:

Snake River

Section: From American Falls Reservoir upstream to Gem Lake dam

  • Trout limit is 2

Rationale: Reducing the bag limit on the Snake River to two trout is a proposal brought to staff by anglers during public scoping. Angler use above American Falls Reservoir has increased in the last several years. Drift boats are increasing and the access parking lots are filling to capacity during peak angling periods. Reducing the bag limit may have some impact on angling success.



2) Modify the harvest rules for bass on Weston Reservoir and manage under general fishing season rules for the Southeast Region

The current regulations are: From January 1 through June 30 - bass limit is 0, catch-and-release. From July 1 through December 31 – bass limit is 2, none between 12 and 16 inches. The proposal is to apply the Southeast Region general rules for bass (6 bass, none under 14 inches). Weston Reservoir would still be listed under the Special Rule Waters with the regulation of “No fishing from boats or rafts, float tubes allowed.”

Rationale: The existing bass harvest rule is contributing to a declining perch fishery. The general bass rule for the Southeast Region would help restore a balance between bass and perch.



3) Modify the bass harvest in Deep Creek Reservoir with no size, bag or possession limits

Currently bass are managed under the General Fishing Season (bass limit is 6, none under 14 inches). The proposed language under the Special Rule Water will read as follows:

Deep Creek Reservoir

  • Trout limit is 6, only 2 may be cutthroat trout
  • No size, bag or possession limit on bass

Rationale: Bass have been recently found in Deep Creek Reservoir as a result of an unauthorized introduction. This reservoir is managed for trout, including a small component of wild cutthroat trout, so there is no reason to restrict bass harvest.



4) Modify the daily bag limit for Bannock Reservoir (Wellness Complex) to 2 trout

Current regulations allow for the harvest of 2 fish of any species. We propose to only allow the harvest of 2 trout and all other species will be managed under General Fishing regulations. We propose the following change:

Bannock Reservoir

  • Trout limit is two

Rationale: Because of several unauthorized species introductions into Bannock Reservoir we want to encourage anglers to keep more than two fish of undesirable species (e.g. carp and goldfish, both which were recently introduced).



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