Limits for General Elk in Salmon Zone (A Tag)

General Season Nonresident Tag

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A Tag

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Please verify the tag dates, species, and restrictions

General season elk rules are available beginning page 32 of the Big Game seasons and rules brochure. Big Game Brochure


Notice on brochure dates

The 2021-2022 seasons and rules brochures will be set at the March meeting of the Commission and made available online prior to April 15, 2021.

The proposed changes to seasons and rules and your chance for public comment will be made available mid-February 2021.

Generally, the majority of season information stays consistent year-over-year, but these hunts can and do change.

It is the hunter's responsibility to know the seasons and rules for their hunt.

Big Game Seasons and Rule Home

Nonresident Tag Limits Effective December 1, 2020

General deer and elk tags for nonresident hunters are now limited by GMU or Elk Zone.

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