Tiger Trout


  • State Record for Tiger Trout broken at Deer Creek Reservoir, three times in one day!

    The state record for Tiger Trout stood at 17.5 inches before Free Fishing Day on June 10. By the end of the day, it had been broken not once, not twice, but three times at Deer Creek Reservoir during the fishing events sponsored by IDFG and the Pierce/Weippe Chamber of Commerce.


    Around 2,500 catchable-sized Tiger Trout were stocked in Deer Creek Reservoir yesterday, June 7th.

    Deer Creek has an overabundance of introduced Golden Shiners that compete with trout for food and space. To combat the Golden Shiners, Idaho Department of Fish and Game started stocking Tiger Trout in 2014 hoping they would eat Golden Shiners and help keep their numbers down.

Tiger Trout

Salmo trutta x Salvelinus fontinalis

IDAPA Classification: Game Fish
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