Tiger Trout


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    Tiger Trout, an exciting new fishery at Deer Creek Reservoir

    Tiger trout are stocked at Deer Creek Reservoir as a predator fish to help manage non-native golden shiners populations. Tiger trout has become at popular fishery at Deer Creek Reservoir in most recent years. Try your hand at this new fishery and remember to check the new rules set to help protect and manage these unique fish!

  • Tiger Trout Caught in Big Lake

    Tiger Trout Stocked in Big Lake

    Idaho Department of Fish & Game recently partnered with the Forest Service office in Mackay, Idaho to stock several hundred fingerling (~3 inch) tiger trout in Big Lake, located in Copper Basin. You might be asking yourself what a tiger trout is. A tiger trout is a sterile hybrid trout produced by crossing female brown trout with male brook trout. The name tiger trout comes from the appearance of the adult fish, which have beautiful “tiger-like stripes” across their backs.

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    Angler lands state record tiger trout from Deer Creek Reservoir

    Deer Creek Reservoir in Clearwater County has once again produced a state record Tiger Trout for an Idaho angler. Aaron Lougee of Lewiston caught the 22-inch, 4.04-pound monster on May 18, which shattered the old record of 19.25-inch caught in 2017 from Deer Creek Reservoir. 

    For those unfamiliar, a tiger trout is a sterile hybrid between a brook trout and a brown trout. They are uncommon in Idaho and stocked in a limited number of locations, including: 

    Clearwater Region

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    It's Still Ice Fishing Season!!

    The days may be getting longer, but there’s still some great opportunity to get out ice fishing! Looking for something a little bit different through the ice? Check out Soldier’s Meadow Reservoir for some great kokanee action, or maybe head to Deer Creek Reservoir for Tiger Trout or Brook Trout. Regardless of where you go, we would like to remind everyone to be careful on the ice. Ice Fishing Safety Tips The warm temperatures earlier this month created some iffy ice conditions.

  • State Record for Tiger Trout broken at Deer Creek Reservoir, three times in one day!

    The state record for Tiger Trout stood at 17.5 inches before Free Fishing Day on June 10. By the end of the day, it had been broken not once, not twice, but three times at Deer Creek Reservoir during the fishing events sponsored by IDFG and the Pierce/Weippe Chamber of Commerce.


    Around 2,500 catchable-sized Tiger Trout were stocked in Deer Creek Reservoir yesterday, June 7th.

    Deer Creek has an overabundance of introduced Golden Shiners that compete with trout for food and space. To combat the Golden Shiners, Idaho Department of Fish and Game started stocking Tiger Trout in 2014 hoping they would eat Golden Shiners and help keep their numbers down.

Tiger Trout

Salmo trutta x Salvelinus fontinalis

IDAPA Classification: Game Fish
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