• Is This the End of Cascade Ice Fishing

    Getting on the ice at Lake Cascade is tough right now.All of the ice at the southern access points has moved off shore. Anglers were still getting on the ice at Boulder and Poison Creek accesses. The weather is in the mid 40's and predicted to stay that way.  The perch fishing has been good with the few anglers we have talked to in the last week. Be careful!!

  • Lake cascade Ice fishing 2/22/17

    Good news and Bad news.  The yellow perch fishing is good. Last weekends tournament captured many 2 pound plus perch. The bad news is that the access areas are very wet and you may not be able to get to the ice because of open water. Rains over the weekend caused the lake to rise and the ice has moved offshore in spots.  Blue heron has about 20 ft of open water, the cascade ramp has several feet of open water. Poison cr. is very slushy. The ice itself is still thick you may not be able to get there. Rubber boots or planks to walk on may work.

  • Lake Cascade Ice Fishing Report 2/10/17

    Ice conditions have improved as of today Friday 2/10/17. Heavy rains reduced the slush layer and have made a harder ice layer. Anglers were using 4-wheelers today to get around just about everywhere on the reservoir. The rain did make the parking areas pretty slick with ice and rain wash out areas.

    A ice fishing tournament is taking place on the reservoir this weekend using the Cascade City ramp access, so it may be tougher parking.

    Fishing pressure was light this past week. anglers are finding nice perch but not large numbers.

  • Lake Cascade Ice Fishing Update 2/2/17

    The ice conditions as of Friday AM are very good. Lots of rain yesterday took away the slush and made good travel conditions. Anglers are even using 4 wheelers to get around. The parking areas are very ice covered and slick with rain water cuts, so be careful.

    There is a perch fishing tournament at the City Ramp on both Sat. and Sunday, so expect tighter parking.

  • Lake Cascade Ice Fishing Update 1_27_17

    With the recent snowfall in the McCall/Cascade area access and travel conditions on Lake Cascade are tough; with 12 to 15 inches of fresh snow sitting on top of a layer of ~3-4 inches of slush before reaching solid ice below. At this time most people utilizing Lake Cascade are doing so on foot or with the aid of snowmobiles, as the snow is to deep for the use of ATV's.

  • Lake Cacade Ice Fishing Update: Jan. 19

    Ice conditions had improved through yesterday with the slush freezing up with the below zero temperatures. However, we got another 12-14 inches of snow last night and this morning so we would expect more water and slush on the ice as the weight of the new snow pushes down on the ice, forcing water up through the cracks and holes.  So beware, access conditions are or will soon be tough.

  • Cascade Ice Fishing update: Dec. 28

    Ice conditions are good, but access can be difficult especially off of Poison Creek boat ramp where there is mixed snow and slush! 

  • The next state record perch is swimming in Lake Cascade

    Ice fishing season is here, and fall surveys showed abundant perch in Lake Cascade with trophy fish among them. 

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