• Hunter in Sunset, cc-by Roger Phillips

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  • Check Station Reminders

    Hunting seasons are here, and soon hunters will see Fish and Game check stations throughout the state. Remember that all hunters must stop at Fish and Game check stations, regardless of whether they’ve harvested game. 

  • Prescribed fire, Clearwater Region

    Controlled fires in the Clearwater could boost elk herds

    Idaho Fish and Game is fired up about increasing elk populations in its Lolo Elk Zone in the headwaters of the Clearwater River. Through a cooperative effort with Forest Service and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the two agencies and RMEF are proposing controlled forest fires known as “prescribed-fire treatments” to improve habitat for elk and other wildlife. 

  • Wildlife technicians use chainsaws to clear logs off trail / Photo by Kara Campbell
  • Burned Sage Brush

    Biologists Strategize About Path Forward For Tex Creek Wildlife Manage Area After Henry’s Creek Fire

    Much of the areas where big game animals are present in the fall were either totally unscathed or burned in a mosaic pattern that left patches of forage and cover.  The bigger problem facing biologists will be how to prepare for the transition to winter range after the hunts are over.  Much of the WMA that is traditionally used by deer and elk to overwinter was hit extremely hard by the fires.

  • Discount 2nd elk tag icon

    Discount for second general season elk tag ends Wednesday

    August 31 is the last day for hunters to purchase a second general season elk tag at a discounted price.

    Through August only, resident and nonresident hunters can buy remaining nonresident general season elk tags to be used as second tags for the discounted price of $299 (plus $1.75 vendor fee). Starting September 1, nonresident elk tags will be available as second tags at the regular price of $416. 

    Second deer tags are also available but will not be discounted due to high demand.  The price for a second deer tag is $300.00 (plus $1.75 vendor fee) while supplies last.

  • meme-2nd-draw.jpg
  • Carson Watkins with nice bull / photo by Carson Watkins
  • meme-available-tags_velvet-elk-scott-rudel.jpg

    Second controlled hunt drawing list of available big game tags

    Over 2800 deer, elk, pronghorn and black bear controlled hunt tags will be available for hunters in the second controlled hunt drawing.  

    Hunters can apply for these tags during the second controlled hunt drawing from August 5 through August 15.  Results of the drawing will be available around August 23. The available tags are listed below by species. 


Cervus canadensis

IDAPA Classification: Big Game
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