• Mature mule deer buck

    Idaho hunters in for another great big-game season

    Idaho’s fall hunting season is likely to be outstanding. Coming on the heels of an all-time record white-tailed deer harvest in 2015 and the highest harvests in more than a decade for mule deer and elk, hunting this fall should be similar last year.

  • Gavin Moody elk Super Hunt

    Super Hunts live up to their names in 2015

    There’s time to apply for Idaho’s best hunts, but it's going fast. The deadline to apply for Super Hunts is Aug. 10, and you can buy as many chances you want. Super Hunt tags are available for deer, elk, moose, pronghorn, and one Super Hunt combo, which includes one tag for each of those species. 

  • Discount 2nd elk tag icon

    Fish and Game discounts nonresident elk tags sold as second tags

    Elk hunters can double their hunting opportunity at a discount in August by buying a second tag to extend their season and have a chance to harvest two elk.

    Starting Aug. 1, nonresident elk tags will be $299 when purchased as a second tag, which is discounted from the regular price of $416. It will return to the regular price on September 1.

  • Winter tests big game animals, but they’ve adapted to harsh conditions

    After several mild winters in a row, this winter is starting to look a little more "old fashioned" with ample snow in the mountains and frosty temperatures in the valleys, but most big game animals around the state are doing fine so far. 

  • Elk find trouble in Hailey

    Ten elk died yesterday after eating Japanese Yew in the Hailey Cemetery; later that night a lone cow elk fell in a window well and was trapped in a resident's basement, and other elk continue to be hit and killed on roadways. "It is one of those years, we have a lot of elk and we have our first normal snow levels in the past five years and elk are being pushed into the valley and getting into trouble," said Daryl Meints, Magic Valley Fish and Game Regional Wildlife Manager.

  • Elk Survival Project

    We collared 88 cow and calf elk in the Silver Valley, North Fork Coeur d'Alene River, and St. Joe River drainages in late January.  These animals were fitted with GPS collars that will collect 2 locations per day and will send us an alert if the animal dies.  We are interested in the animals' overall survival, selected habitat and their cause of death.  To date, 6 animals (1 cow, 5 calves) have died (1 wolf kill and 5 lion kills).


Cervus canadensis

IDAPA Classification: Big Game
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