• Elk wait at near the feed line at Bullwhacker feed site near Ketchum.

    Southwest Winter Feeding Report - Feb. 6, 2017


    The Southwest Region has a long history of big game winter feeding efforts. The Winter Feeding Advisory Committee, made up of several citizen volunteers, continues to meet and review current winter conditions and evaluate needs to declare more winter feeding emergencies based on factors outlined in Fish and Game rule and policy as per IC36-123. The last emergency winter feeding operation was conducted in the winter of 2007/2008, when elk and deer were fed because of severe winter weather conditions in Garden Valley and the Lowman area.

  • Protecting Haystacks From Wildlife Damage

    Summer is typically the primary season for big game depredations on agricultural crops in the Clearwater Region.  But with this winter’s snow depths exceeding anything seen in recent years, complaints of deer and elk getting into haystacks have been rolling in.  Regional Landowner-Sportsman Coordinator Jana Ashling has responded to approximately 25 such complaints to-date.  On February 7 the region’s wildlife staff helped protect a haystack belonging to Potlatch area farmer Cody Anderson.  The stack was wrapped with Tensar (a plastic mesh material) to keep elk from feeding on his stored hay

  • Big Game Season Setting Meetings Scheduled for Southeast Region

    Fish and Game Schedules Big Game Season Setting Meetings in Southeast Idaho

    The southeast regional office of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is getting ready to discuss the proposals for the 2017 hunting seasons for big game.

    To hear these proposals and for an opportunity to ask questions and provide comments, please join us at one of these scheduled meetings.

    February 13:       Preston– Larsen-Sant Library, 109 South 1st East

    February 15:       Soda Springs–  Senior Center, 60 South Main Street

  • Upper Snake Sets Meetings To Present Proposed Big Games Seasons

    February 8, 2017




    IDFG Sets Meetings To Present Proposed Big Games Seasons


    IDAHO FALLS – Biologists from the Idaho Department of Fish & Game (IDFG) are ready to begin the public comment phase of their big game season setting process by heading out to present to the public the proposals they are considering moving forward on.  These proposals were created after reviewing big game population data collected in the past month and by meeting with sportsmen in the region in January.

  • CORRECTION – Fish and Game unable to reimburse homeowners for removing Japanese Yew

    Last week, an Idaho Fish and Game press release incorrectly stated that the agency would reimburse homeowners for the cost of removing the ornamental plant Japanese Yew from their yards.

    Fish and Game does encourage homeowners to consider removing the plant, or wrapping the plant with burlap during winter/spring if they live in or near big game winter range.  But the agency simply cannot afford the cost of reimbursement across the state.

  • elk in basement in Hailey
  • Japanese Yew Claims Eight Elk Near Idaho Falls

    Japanese Yew Claims Eight Elk Near Idaho Falls

  • How Winter Big Game Feeding Works

    After having a number of milder winters in a row, this year’s winter seems harsh, even though it is pretty typical for what used to be considered a normal winter. 

  • SW Region Big Game Winter Feeding Update - February 1, 2017

    It’s been more than a week since we had significant snowfall across the region, but snow levels remain fairly static and crusted in most areas due to cold daytime temperatures. It appears we might get a little relief from the cold later this week. Let’s all hope so.

    Winter feeding efforts have ramped up considerably in the last few days, with feed sites scattered across the (mostly) southern portion of the region. Here’s a rundown of the latest winter feeding efforts.

  • winter feeding, elk, Magic Valley Region

    Fish and Game is feeding about 20,000 big game animals this winter

    This winter’s cold temperatures and deep snow at low elevations has prompted Idaho Fish and Game to implement emergency big game feeding at nearly 110 locations across southern and eastern Idaho.


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