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  • Sawtooth Hatchery, Chinook

    Sawtooth Hatchery raises mountain-climbing Chinook salmon

    The fishing season for Chinook in the Upper Salmon River opens June 22.

  • Chinook Fishing Update (6/12/17)

    This update is to let you know about Chinook fishing closures in the Clearwater River drainage. The following sections which were open for jack harvest, will not re-open this coming Thursday.

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    Clearwater Chinook Weekly Report (6/12/17)

    This past week we documented harvest on creel section 1,4, & 5. Hog Island was still the best area to catch a Chinook on creel section 1. Anglers on creel section 4 were using bobbers and egg clusters and had the best success fishing in back eddies. Creel section 5 saw more pressure around the Skipping Stones Rest Stop and below Clear Creek on the South side of the river. The South Fork did not document any harvest this past week but the fish that were caught and released were caught on spinners.

  • Netting Natalies Chinook

    Chinook summer opportunities begin June 22

    On Friday, June 2, the Idaho Fish and Game commission acted on Chinook salmon seasons.

    The first step was reopening some opportunities on the previously closed Clearwater, Lochsa, and Little Salmon rivers

    The second action, was to set the seasons for summer run Chinook on the Upper Salmon and South Fork Salmon rivers. Those will begin June 22nd and more information will be coming out next week.

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    Chinook fishing reopens on Clearwater, Salmon and Little Salmon rivers on June 3

    The reopened spring fishing season will target jack Chinook in the Clearwater River and adult and jack hatchery Chinook in the Salmon and Little Salmon rivers. Fishing will be limited to Thursday through Sunday weekly. 

  • Chinook salmon, Boise River, fishing

    Chinook run is late, below forecast and fishing could end soon

    Anglers should soon know the fate of the 2017 spring Chinook run, and how much longer the spring fishing season will continue. 

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    Spring Chinook Fishery Update (5/15/17)

    Time for the weekly check-in on the Idaho spring Chinook fishery. As you may expect if you’ve been keeping an eye on Chinook counts over Lower Granite Dam, Idaho spring Chinook fisheries have remained pretty quiet with no documented harvest to date. As of yesterday, there were 191 Chinook over Lower Granite for the season. Looking a bit farther downriver in the Lower Snake, there have been just over 2,000 Chinook over Ice Harbor Dam with counts increasing to 300-400 fish per day over the past four days. This is likely the front end of the peak we saw at Bonneville about ten days ago.

  • Chinook study, Lucky Peak, Phil Branigan

    Anglers are needed to catch Chinook for research

    Idaho Fish and Game stocks land-locked Chinook in lakes and reservoirs, and biologists are asking anglers to help them learn more about these fish in Anderson Ranch, Lucky Peak and Deadwood reservoirs in southwest Idaho and Spirit Lake in North Idaho.

  • Salmon Fishing Salmon River confluence

    Fishing with the Crowd

    The video "Angler Etiquette: Fishing with the Crowd" covers commonly held practices in the fishing community when it comes to fishing around others and avoiding potential conflicts.

  • Salmon Fishing Little Salmon River in 2015

    First 2017 Chinook Season Update from the Clearwater

    Hello anglers. This is Brett Bowersox from the Clearwater with an early Chinook season update. Given that Spring Chinook season officially started this past weekend I thought it was a good time to get a brief update out on the fishery and share some new videos that answer some common questions about how IDFG manages salmon

    Early Season Update:

Chinook Salmon

Oncorhynchus tshawytscha

IDAPA Classification: Threatened, Game Fish
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