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    Upper Salmon River Chinook Fishery Update (7/17/17)

    Chinook angler effort and success increased this past week on the upper Salmon River. Angler effort was highest over the weekend, and the majority of anglers were observed fishing near the Buckhorn Bridge area. Since Monday July 10th, Chinook anglers have harvested an estimated 43 hatchery adult Chinook and 48 hatchery jack Chinook. During this time, Chinook anglers averaged 14 hours per Chinook caught and 20 hours per hatchery Chinook kept.

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    Chinook fishing update: Lochsa River to close July 13

    Fisheries managers have concluded that by the end of fishing hours on Thursday, July 13 the sport-harvest share will be caught so Chinook fishing on the Lochsa River will end at that time. 

    Chinook fishing remains open until further notice on Little Salmon River, Upper Salmon River and Hells Canyon. Fish and Game tries to give 48 hours notice before closing the season.

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    Clearwater Region Chinook Update (6/27/17)

    Here's the latest update on last week’s Chinook fisheries on the Salmon River around Riggins, Hell’s Canyon and the Lochsa River. I’ve included some more detailed information on the status of each of the fisheries below; but, bottom-line, all three fisheries are staying open this coming week. Hell’s Canyon and the Lochsa River will remain open on their 7 day / week schedule and the Salmon River around Riggins will start up again this Thursday the 29th.

    Rapid River:

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    Chinook seasons to close on Lower Salmon and section of Upper Salmon

    To minimize fishery impacts on the hatchery and natural origin fish destined to spawning areas and hatchery facilities in the Salmon River Basis upstream of the Little Salmon River, Idaho Fish and Game will close fishing for Chinook salmon in two river sections of the Salmon River effective the end of fishing hours July 2, 2017. River sections to close are:

    Lower Salmon River - from the Highway 95 Time Zone Bridge upstream to a posted boundary at the mouth of Short’s Creek.

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    Chinook Salmon Fishery update Little Salmon and Lower Salmon River

    Salmon fishing is in full swing in Idaho.

    If you’ve been waiting to fish for Chinook Salmon near Riggins don’t wait any longer. The fishery on the Little Salmon River and lower Salmon River will be open for fishing June 29 through July 2. We are 50% of the way through our share of the harvest and this fishery will change quickly after July 2.

    Stay up to date by checking on the Chinook Salmon Fish Rules for changes to seasons, harvest limits and boundaries.

  • Damage from flood waters temporarily close some fishing access in Salmon Region

    High water in the Salmon Region has resulted in damage to two local fishing areas. South Butte Pond on Squaw Creek was damaged when flood waters from the creek pushed too much water through the pond. The outlet structure was damaged and the pond can no longer hold water. Plans are being made to repair the pond this summer, but it will not be stocked again until next spring.

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    Commission to meet via conference call June 23

    The Idaho Fish and Game Commission will meet by conference call Friday, June 23 to adopt the Price Lock order to discount license, tag, and permit fees with consecutive year purchases. An update concerning the Chinook salmon season will also be included.

    The call will begin at 8:30 a.m. (MST) at Fish and Game Headquarters, 600 S. Walnut in Boise.

    There will be no public testimony taken during the call, but the public is welcome to attend. Those living outside of Boise can listen to the call by traveling to their nearest Fish and Game regional office.

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    Trailers clip millions of fins so anglers can spot the keepers

    Here's your task: Clip millions of tiny fins off young salmon and steelhead so they can be identified as hatchery fish when they return from the ocean. Do it in a few months and at nine different hatcheries from Springfield to Orofino.

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    South Fork of the Salmon River will not open for Chinook fishing

    A poor return to the South Fork of the Salmon River means anglers will miss a year of Chinook fishing on the popular river, but anglers can still get a crack at the fish.

Chinook Salmon

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