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    Here's where Idaho's ducks come from

    Winter brings the arrival of ducks migrating from the north into Idaho. But exactly where in the north are these birds coming from? Here are the details, as well as where Idaho's ducks go. 

  • Three Canada geese landing on water

    Waterfowl season is open in the North Panhandle

    Fall migration of waterfowl is on throughout the Panhandle Region, bringing thousands of birds and groups of eager waterfowl hunters to our Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) for opening weekend. Boundary-Smith Creek and McArthur Lake WMA's both offer opportunities to hunt waterfowl from October 12th through January 24th. Both wetland complexes normally ice over in mid to late November, so take advantage of early season hunting opportunities, any day of the week.


Anas strepera

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