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Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Carex vesicaria Inflated Sedge Species 58530
Carex vicaria Western Fox Sedge Species 50844
Carex viridula Little Green Sedge Species 58073
Carex vulpinoidea Fox Sedge Species 60361
Carex x physocarpioides Species 79195
Carex xerantica Dryland Sedge Species 41453
Carthamus tinctorius False Saffron Species 45741
Carum carvi Common Caraway Species 52512
Cassiope mertensiana Western Bell-heather Species 52094
Castilleja angustifolia Northwestern Indian-paintbrush Species 43296
Castilleja applegatei Wavyleaf Indian-paintbrush Species 46352
Castilleja cervina Deer Indian-paintbrush Species 57005
Castilleja christii Christ's Indian Paintbrush Species 43600
Castilleja covilleana Coville's Indian-paintbrush Species 43684
Castilleja crista-galli Greater Red Indian-paintbrush Species 54090
Castilleja cusickii Cusick's Indian-paintbrush Species 44698
Castilleja exserta Red Owl's-clover Species 61598
Castilleja flava Yellow Paintbrush Species 53910
Castilleja glandulifera Sticky Indian-paintbrush Species 47023
Castilleja gracillima Slender Indian-paintbrush Species 43821
Castilleja hispida Harsh Indian-paintbrush Species 53780
Castilleja linariifolia Wyoming Indian-paintbrush Species 61601
Castilleja lutescens Stiff Yellow Indian-paintbrush Species 43455
Castilleja miniata Greater Red Indian-paintbrush Species 49607
Castilleja minor Small-flower Indian-paintbrush Species 43601
Castilleja occidentalis Western Indian paintbrush Species 43686
Castilleja oresbia Pale Wallowa Indian-paintbrush Species 53388
Castilleja pallescens Pallid Indian-paintbrush Species 40136
Castilleja peckiana Peck's Indian-paintbrush Species 49314
Castilleja pilosa Parrot's-head Indian-paintbrush Species 49776
Castilleja pulchella Beautiful Indian Paintbrush Species 50466
Castilleja rhexiifolia Rhexia-leaf Indian-paintbrush Species 59142
Castilleja septentrionalis Labrador Indian-paintbrush Species 56451
Castilleja sulphurea Sulphur Indian-paintbrush Species 60494
Castilleja tenuis Hairy Owl's-clover Species 53909
Castilleja viscidula Curly Indian-paintbrush Species 44943
Catabrosa aquatica Brook Grass Species 43874
Caulanthus crassicaulis Western Cabbage Species 41707
Caulanthus pilosus Hairy Wild-cabbage Species 55212
Ceanothus prostratus Mahala-mat Ceanothus Species 57476
Ceanothus sanguineus Oregon-tea Species 56052
Ceanothus velutinus Tobacco Ceanothus Species 54788
Celtis laevigata Sugarberry Species 54656
Celtis occidentalis Common Hackberry Species 55636
Cenchrus carolinianus Coast Sandbur Species 59500
Cenchrus longispinus Long-spine Sandbur Species 47168
Centaurea cyanus Garden Cornflower Species 44014
Centaurea diffusa Diffuse Knapweed Species 45581
Centaurea jacea Brown Starthistle Species 43231
Centaurea montana Mountain Starthistle Species 61188
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