Cyperales Order

Idaho Species

Species in this classification. To view subspecies, varieties and populations select the species.
Scientific Name Common Name Echelon ID
Bromus racemosus Spiked Brome Species 42772
Bromus rigidus Ripgut Brome Species 53140
Bromus rubens Foxtail Brome Species 47740
Bromus secalinus Rye Brome Species 59838
Bromus sitchensis Alaska Brome Species 60659
Bromus sterilis Poverty Brome Species 42040
Bromus tectorum Cheatgrass Species 44380
Bromus vulgaris Narrow-flowered Brome Species 58131
Calamagrostis canadensis Blue-joint Reedgrass Species 49695
Calamagrostis koelerioides Dense Pine Reedgrass Species 44525
Calamagrostis montanensis Plains Reedgrass Species 54105
Calamagrostis purpurascens Purple Reedgrass Species 45785
Calamagrostis rubescens Pine Reedgrass Species 54177
Calamagrostis scribneri Scribner's Small-reedgrass Species 48941
Calamagrostis stricta Slim-stem Small-reedgrass Species 54644
Calamagrostis tweedyi Cascade Reedgrass Species 59466
Calamovilfa longifolia Sand Reedgrass Species 43421
Carex aboriginum Indian Valley Sedge Species 46793
Carex abrupta Abrupt Sedge Species 55882
Carex adusta Crowded Sedge Species 45598
Carex albonigra Black-and-white Scale Sedge Species 53598
Carex amplifolia Bigleaf Sedge Species 49798
Carex angustata Narrow Sedge Species 55695
Carex aperta Columbian Sedge Species 42473
Carex aquatilis Water Sedge Species 41739
Carex arcta Northern Clustered Sedge Species 60365
Carex atherodes Awned Sedge Species 41841
Carex athrostachya Jointed-spike Sedge Species 50831
Carex atratiformis Black Sedge Species 58243
Carex atrosquama Blackened Sedge Species 40000
Carex aurea Golden-fruit Sedge Species 52445
Carex backii Back's Sedge Species 41534
Carex bebbii Bebb's Sedge Species 41740
Carex bigelowii Bigelow's Sedge Species 39972
Carex bolanderi Bolander's Sedge Species 50086
Carex bonanzensis Yukon Sedge Species 55242
Carex brevior Fescue Sedge Species 57660
Carex breweri Brewer's Sedge Species 53015
Carex brunnescens Brownish Sedge Species 39386
Carex buxbaumii Buxbaum's Sedge Species 50024
Carex californica California Sedge Species 41737
Carex canescens Hoary Sedge Species 60367
Carex capillaris Hair-like Sedge Species 56187
Carex capitata Capitate Sedge Species 49880
Carex chordorrhiza String-root Sedge Species 56716
Carex comosa Bristly Sedge Species 47990
Carex concinnoides Northwestern Sedge Species 52443
Carex cordillerana Cordilleran Sedge Species 56911
Carex crawei Craw Sedge Species 55277
Carex crawfordii Crawford's Sedge Species 51048
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